Our mission at Trent is to develop independent children who are able to
take the lead with a lifelong love of physical education.

We aim to provide sustainable high quality PE and School Sport experiences and competitions that are innovative, creative and challenging, which have a positive and productive impact on pupils’ opportunity to achieve their full potential in all areas of the school curriculum.

PE provides opportunities for the development of physical, personal, social and intellectual skills and it encourages positive thinking, positive actions, co-operation, tolerance and respect for others. PE promotes the undertaking of exercises that can be continued into adulthood as part of a healthy lifestyle. At Trent we do this by providing two hours of physical educational each week, through the teaching of dance, gymnastics, games and swimming (KS2).

We strive to ensure that the children at Trent are independent and actively seek to develop their own physical development. To support this each class has their own play box with a variety of equipment so that they can lead their own physical activities. These activities range from developing fine motor skills such as table tennis equipment and gross motor skills such as skipping ropes.

We believe that physical education plays an important part of the whole curriculum, therefore, we have lunchtime play leaders who provide daily stimulating and challenging activities to further motivate and inspire the children as well as to consolidate skills learnt during lessons. 

We offer a broad range of after school clubs, which is continually monitored to ensure that all pupils access appropriate and diverse opportunities. This is central to developing physical activity as part of a healthy and enjoyable life.