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Special educational need and disability (SEND)

The Government challenges all schools to be inclusive. By this they mean a welcoming community that seeks to eliminate discriminating attitudes and practice, responds to pupils’ different needs, overcomes barriers to learning and provides suitable learning for all.

It is the aim of the Governors of Trent CE Primary School to try to make our school ‘inclusive’ and welcoming to all.

At Trent CE Primary School, we aim to ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and take as full a part as possible in all school activities.

we welcome pupils with Special Educational Needs and make every effort to support them. All our classes are fully inclusive and we have high expectations for all our children, including those with SEN. We provide a differentiated curriculum which caters for the needs of individual pupils. We aim to identify pupils requiring Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision as early as possible. Every child is valued equally and given support according to their needs. By nurturing the whole child and building self-esteem, confidence grows and children acquire the necessary skills to become responsible young people. Working in partnership with parents, all staff encourage children to develop a love of learning, to aspire to achieve their best and support them to succeed.


Our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who does not have a class teaching responsibility, ensures that the needs of SEND pupils are met through co-ordinating support from outside agencies, advising colleagues and monitoring the progress of SEND pupils.


God created all of us in his image. "Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same?" At Trent we celebrate diversity, just as God is our helper we strive to help all children to achieve their full potential and model an attitude of kindness so they are in turn are kind to others.

We encourage children to be thankful for the way they and others are created, celebrating successes big and small.

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Knowing that God is our helper, gives us the resources to persevere when we find things hard.

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