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Curriculum overview

The Trent Curriculum enables children to immerse themselves in exciting, meaningful, and memorable learning experiences.

Pertinent links are made between subjects using overarching themes to contextualise and motivate learners. The organisation of the curriculum has in-built flow between lessons and between year groups using a hybrid of discrete and contextualised learning opportunities. The Trent curriculum is well-sequenced with clear content and end points to enable progress for all. 


The curriculum is celebrated through the totality of Trent’s life including class assemblies, in-class museums, extra-curricular events, displays and a daily plethora of engaging activities. This broad and balanced curriculum enables children to discover new interests, develop strengths and advance passions and talents. ‘Big questions’ engage children and encourage independent, creative thinking across subject areas, and key themes of ‘inspiration’ and ‘service’ flow through the Trent curriculum.

Why do we have inspirational people throughout our whole curriculum?

At Trent, we see Christ as our ultimate inspiration (John 13v 34).

Nevertheless, we also believe that the Bible teaches us that God made every single human being in his own image, and it is his image in us which gives each human life worth.  As a result, we can confidently say that we seek to study inspirational people, past and present across all cultures and backgrounds, in order to learn from their lives.  We look to draw out the good from every person that we study recognising that no one other than Jesus is perfect, but that when we learn from others by seeing what is good in them, we can learn more about the wonderful diverse world that God has made.


Each project begins with a special memorable event to instantly hook learners. Taking an ‘enquiry-led, knowledge-rich, skills-based’ approach, children develop and strengthen their knowledge while acquiring and using a range of fundamental skills – the foundations to lifelong learning.

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