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Christ Church

"At Christ Church we are passionate about our partnership with Trent School.  Our hope is that, as the children learn that 2 + 2 = 4, they also meet the creator who put order into his creation.

You won’t find another school quite like Trent.”

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As they learn events from human history, they are able to see God’s hand as he lovingly rules over all of history.  And as they grow in an understanding of their own skills and gifts, they realise that every talent is given to them by God so they can use it to bless others.


To this end Christ Church runs weekly assemblies, assists with RE lessons, and puts on school services for children and parents.  We are available for anyone in the Trent community who needs support and we love welcoming large numbers of school families through our doors each Sunday.  We also work very closely with the Trent Senior Leadership Team to help embed Trent’s Vision & Values into all aspects of school life.  “Inspired by Christ, we serve one another in love” isn’t just words on a bit of paper at Trent School – they are words you will see lived out throughout the school. 

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